Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My unit will center around the novel The Giver. Students will explore the idea of a "Utopian Society" and discuss reasons why this type of society cannot exist. While exploring this unit, students will consider what makes them unique.

Essential Question:
What makes you who you are?

Unit Questions:

How does reading about Jonas' life cause you to see your life differently?

If you were Jonah, what would you have done differently?
Can a Utopian society exist?

Content Questions:

What euphemisms or connotations are used throughout the story?

What conclusions and inferences can you make about Jonas' utopian society?

Which characters are dynamic? Which are static?


  1. Melinda,

    Your essential question is great. Very open ended and will get the students to think.

    Your unit questions relate to the novel in general and will get the students to think about the novel as a whole and not just the parts.

    The content questions relate to the English standards and the skills you are teaching the students.


  2. This sounds like a great book study. I think many students will be able to make the connection between "The Giver" and real life.

    Your essential question is very broad and has the capability of covering several core areas. Your unit and content questions get more specific and provide students with an overview of what they will study throughout the unit.

  3. In your description you say that utopia does not exist yet one of your questions is "Can a Utopian society exist?" Perhaps something along the line of "Who decides what a society is?" or "How can we make our own culture more utopian?" would get more at your focus. Also based on your book of study, it almost seems like you need the question "What makes us unique?" in there somewhere. This looks like it will be a great unit for study!

  4. These are good suggestions. I really like the idea of posing the question about society - Who decides what a society is-. Having the students "create" their own society will bring about some interesting discussion.